Plugins Included » recent-videos, related-videos, video-archive, vwPIP :: Dependencies » WordPress 2.8.4 or higher

Download VideoWrangler Suite


The VideoWrangler project extends the usability of the VideoPress plugins by Charles Iliya Krempeaux into current versions of WordPress. VideoWrangler also extends the vPIP plugin created by Enric Teller. Not only will this project offer continued support for these video-driven plugins, but new features will be implemented along the way.

Plugins Included

Each plugin has its own documentation and can be downloaded separately or you can download the latest version of each plugin in a single package.

Upgrading from VideoPress or Older Versions of WordPress

When upgrading to VideoWrangler from VideoPress all that is required is to remove the VideoPress plugins and upload the VideoWrangler plugins. Activate the VideoWrangler plugins and you are good to go. All of your VideoPress information will remain intact as well!

If you need to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress during the installation of VideoWrangler take precautions to ensure that your blog is not altered irreversibly during the process. Back up all of your original files and your WordPress database before updating to the newest version and make sure you have all of your other plugins up-to-date as well. Out of date plugins can cause errors in WordPress or WordPress could cease functioning altogether.

Bug Reports

Have you found something that was overlooked and is causing VideoWrangler to malfunction? Let me know about it by emailing me at Eric.Lorentz[at] and describing the issue in detail as well as the plugin(s) affected by the bug.